Stand-up comedy is the rawest form of entertainment. It builds character, courage, strength and motivation. Our charity partner, Project9Line, has a comedy workshop that veterans, active military and their families can participate in to help with overcoming fear and anxiety and build public speaking skills. The workshop is also designed for veterans to take a chance and try something new; and encourage veterans to be the best they can be.

At the Great Beer Expo: Long Island, several veterans who take part in the comedy workshop will perform during the festival and showcase their talent, live, in front of our festival audience. Below is the schedule for their performances:

Session 1:

2:00pm – “Tugboat Manny” Erias
2:15pm – Art Schill
2:30pm – Sid
2:45pm – Ken Nilsen
3:00pm – Art Silver
3:15pm – Martin Birnbaum
3:30pm – JoeRobbie

Session 2:

6:30pm – JoeRobbie
6:45pm – Martin Birnbaum
7:00pm – Art Silver
7:15pm – Ken Nilsen
7:30pm – Sid
7:45pm – Art Schill
8:00pm – “Tugboat Manny” Erias
8:15pm – Eric D-L
8:30pm – Danny Cassone

Meet The Comedians:

Schedule subject to change.