Care Package Drive

Starfish Junction Productions, producers of the Great Beer Expo: Long Island, have adopted 54 members of a United States Army battery currently serving in Afghanistan that we will be preparing care package(s) for. These soldiers will be performing their mission on the front lines for the next nine months and are in need of some love from home.

As you print out your tickets and get rides organized to get to the beer festival, please also pick-up some items to send overseas. We will be collecting the items listed below upon entry into the event:

• Snacks (non-perishable ones) – maybe donate that leftover Halloween candy?

• Toiletries – items like lip balm go a long way!

• “Fun” Items – think magazines and games to pass the time

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Items like the above to fill our care package(s) keep our heroes full, clean and cheerful!

In honor of Veteran’s Day and to help inspire you to give, here’s a great video put together by CNN of the Albornoz brothers of West Babylon, NY on why they choose to serve: