2018 Beer Seminars

1:30pm & 7:30pm - What’s Your Favorite Beer?  How to Pick Just One!
Presented by Brian Boak, Zymurgy Risk Advisor

How can a mother have a favorite child?  How can you pick your favorite beer?  As a certified beer snob many people ask Brian Boak, “what is your favorite beer?”   He often gives two answers. 1: “The beer I have not had yet (as he has done over 100 beer festivals and sampled a lot of beers), and  2: “you  need to put me in a time, place and situation before I can tell you what my favorite is for that exact  instance.” So many things come in to play and need to be considered.

At this year’s Beer Expo, Boak will dive in and attempt to expand and explain answer #2. He will discuss the different facets that would impact your decision through a tutored tasting—sampling 3 beer styles and discuss the reasons why these beers would be recommended for a particular situation. Sit back and enjoy the story (and beers).

ABOUT BRIAN BOAK:  In the late-1970s Brian Boak’s mom called him a “beer snob” for drinking Molson Golden Ale at a time when there was no such thing as craft beer and very few imported beers available.

Brian Boak has been involved in craft beer for almost 20 years. In the late 90’s he proved his mother correct when he began home brewing, helping out at a local craft brewery and, eventually, creating his own craft beer brand – BOAKS. As the owner of BOAKS, Brian has staged more than 100 beer festivals. So he has sampled a few beers.

Recently Brian closed BOAKS and currently advises and insures breweries and distilleries. Brian created a program called The Brewers Roundtable. This is a peer-learning forum where 6-10 Brewery and Distillery owners get together to discuss all facets of owning, operating and running a brewery or distillery in a moderated forum to help find best practices to make their operation grow and succeed.

2:30pm & 8:15pm - Beer & Cookie Pairing (Who Needs Milk?)
Presented by Erik Hassing Owner, Angry Erik Brewing, Lafayette, NJ

Beer, with its potential for complexity and its shape-shifting ability to range from dark and intense to subtle and fresh, can make the ritual of cookie-dunking feel a little more grown up—and a lot more fun. 

You've probably learned how to pair beer with cheese, you may have even tried chocolate with beer... but now it's time to learn about cookies.

Come enjoy a tutored tasting with Erik Hassing, owner of Angry Erik Brewing.  Try three delicious beer samples as they are paired with three scrumdiddlyumptious cookie brands.  Seating is limited.  Arrive early to secure a spot.




Erik Hassing is co-owner of Angry Erik Brewing with his wife Heide. He and his wife brewed together for more than a dozen years before opening the 10 barrel (310 gallon) microbrewery in 2014.

Erik, a graduate of Rutgers Law School in Newark, New Jersey, is a full time attorney at a law firm he started in 2010. Heide is full time at the brewery and is the C.O.O., head brewer, head of recipe development, and generally in charge of everything. In addition to her years of brewing experience, she has a Masters in biochemistry from Cornell as well as a Culinary degree. Erik is the brewery’s C.F.O., attorney, head of maintenance and construction, head of procurement, and of course volunteer taste tester.

Angry Erik Brewing currently operates in the heart of Sussex County, Northwest New Jersey, in Lafayette Township. With the help of seven employees, Angry Erik Brewing produces just under 500 Barrels per year. They are in the process of building a facility 3-times as large in nearby Hampton Township to allow them to expand the brewery's production up to 10-fold.

Angry Erik Brewing uses unique culinary ideas and fresh ingredients masterfully combined to create delicious ales that surprise and delight your palate.

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