2016 Beer Seminars

I-P-A, easy as 1-2-3 (1:30PM/6:30PM)
Presented by: Gary Rosen, Craft Beer Specialist, Shore Point Distributors
with – Anthony Caggiano, President & Melissa Daniels, VP & Horticultural Specialist, LI Hops
Sponsored by: NJBeerEvents.com

IPA, Double IPA, Triple IPA – What’s the difference, and how do they taste?  Join Gary Rosen, Anthony Caggiano and Melissa Daniels in a tutored tasting of 3 IPA varieties.  Learn about the different types of hops used to brew these beers and how best to enjoy your favorite!

The State of New Jersey Craft Beer Industry (3:00PM/8:00PM)
Presented by: Mike Kivowitz, President/Founder of New Jersey Craft Beer
Sponsored by: New Jersey Craft Beer

Join Mike as he leads a discussion on the New Jersey craft beer industry from where it was just a few years ago to the explosion that is taking place throughout the state with all the new breweries that have started within the past year.  As a special treat, seminar attendees will be able to sample three New Jersey brewed and bred beers that will not be offered at the festival itself.  Come early, seating is limited!


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