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The biggest names in international brewing will unite in cities throughout the Northeast for the 2014 International Great Beer Expo series.  Each city’s Expo will showcase more than 50 breweries and will feature more than 100 beers from across the globe.  Each country will provide samples of their country’s proudest brewing achievement while standing shoulder to shoulder with some of America’s best breweries.
The Great Beer Expo series offers beer enthusiasts a unique pay-one-price opportunity to try some foreign beers from foreign lands—without ever leaving their home state. Each host city’s Expo offers the perfect opportunity for beer aficionados, beer lovers and the casual beer drinker to speak to company representatives and the brewers responsible for creating some of the world’s most popular and award-winning brews.
All attendees must be 21+ and show valid photo ID to enter.  A limited number of tickets will be sold for each Expo to insure that everyone who purchases a ticket will get processed quickly, be able to sample the beers they want, and be able to move around the Expo with ease. No additional tickets will be added when the events sell out (many do sell out weeks in advance).
Come, join us at the International Great Beer Expo near you!
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